Günce was born in 1980 and has graduated from Middle East Technical University Food Engineering with an Honour degree in 2001.

She has played an important role in the establishment and development of Dance in Turkey. She has competed as a Dancesport athlete for 12 years and between the years 2005-2007, she has represented Turkey as a Turkish Champion and National Athlete in the international field.

She has had Classical Ballet education for 10 years in childhood.

She has had her Dancesport Education in Europe, mainly in Slovenia-Ljublana.

Besides Dance Education, she started to have music and piano education in her childhood and she is continuing.

She had Argentinian Tango Education in Buenos Aires and Salsa education in Havana and at the moment she is working on Gyrotonic Expansion System for creating body awareness for herself.

She has known English, Spanish and Russian.


She has been teaching and coaching for more than 20 years in Latin and Standart Disciplines for all age groups. Some of the dancers she worked with has become National Athletes through the years. In addition to this, she is giving education to Trainers and Adjudicators.

She is still having international educations on pedagogical aspects of dance education and applying this to her pieces of training.

She has worked as one of the National Coaches in the National Team of Turkey in the past and she has been the head of the Education Committee of the Turkish Dancesports Federation for a period.


She has been the head of the Adjudicator Committee of the Turkish Dancesports Federation for more than 10 years. In 2011 she has become the first International Adjudicator of Turkey.

In the first 10 years of her Adjudicator career, she has judged many WDSF (World Dancesport Federation) tournaments, national championships of many different countries and many title events like European, World Championships and Grand Slams.

In 2019 she has become the first International Examiner of Turkey licensed by WDSF.



+90 532 631 88 19